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Just wanted to thank-you for being so considerate, and for running a professional business with musicians’ needs in mind. It’s night and day from my previous experiences.


As an artist in Chicago, I cannot say enough about Sound Space! It is sincerely the most secure and trusted place for my band in this city. I have been here for over 4 years. Having played and rehearsed in most of Chicago, Sound Space takes the prize!


Thanks for the place and good luck. You really do run a fine shop there, and I’ve had rooms at plenty of other places in town.


Thank-you so much for everything, We really appreciate the amount of consideration that you show, and you have been the most respectful and responsive landlord/manager we have ever had the pleasure to rent with.


I want to thank-you for your quick response last night. We really like the place and its security.


I rented this space because of security issues at my house. We got broken into and equipment was taken…previous to renting with you guys. That is the reason I rented [with you]. I don’t think it is really possible for your rooms to get broken into without being on tape.


Studio working out great… keep up the great work!


Thanks again for such a nice, clean and secure space.


Thanks again! It’s been a great couple of years!


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