General Info and Frequently Asked Questions


What are your rates?

Our rates are generally about $3 per square foot per month, a downright bargain compared to other facilities considering all the benefits you get!


Are you monthly only?

Yes, all our leases are month-to-month.


Do you allow sharing?

Yes! For your protection, we advise that you split the security deposit among yourselves, and have all parties listed on the lease. But that’s up to you. If the arrangement doesn’t work out and one band leaves, we can always update the security code.


Who runs this? Are you a musician?

My name is Raymond, and my wife and I own and operate this facility under the name Sound Space. Our manager Sam takes care of all our leasing, rent collection and facility maintenance, and is a musician himself in one of the units. We have enormous respect for the hard work and dedication that you invest in your music! After talking to many musicians, we built our newest facility with your needs in mind.


Do you need a security deposit? What do you need upfront?

We need one month plus $100. You can pay your first month’s rent when you move in, with the rent prorated if you move in after the first. You get your security deposit back when you have returned all your keys and we have inspected the unit.


What are your rent payment options?

We offer tenants a convenient, free online payment option that links to your bank account and is completely secure. To learn more about this service, please visit our payment processor at http://www.onlinerentcheck.com/.


What are your rules?

Our two big ones are: (1) No smoking outside designated smoking areas — that means no smoking in the units or hallways, and (2) No partying or disturbances. The full set of rules is given to you when you sign your lease.

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